The Process

How is Flower Petal Jewelry made and how long does the process take?

There are basically three steps in making custom Flower Petal Jewelry. First the client’s flowers are freeze-dried to preserve the color. Next, the dried flowers are processed and hand formed to create the Flower Petal Jewelry beads and stones. Finally, jeweler quality metals are utilized to handcraft the final piece of custom jewelry.

So what exactly is freeze-drying?


Very simply, freeze-drying is a preservation process for fresh flowers that maintains the natural shape and vibrant color of the botanical. Other methods of preservation are available but do not compare in the ability freeze-drying has to produce an incredibly “true-to-life” product. Good Housekeeping Magazine and NBC Dateline have both rated freeze-drying the best preservation method available today.

How does it work?

Petal Pearls uses the most advanced computerized equipment in the marketplace. First the botanical is put into a deep freeze. Once solidly frozen, a vacuum is applied to pull all of the water out of the flowers in the form of water vapor. This process is called sublimation. Sublimation occurs when a frozen liquid goes directly to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid phase. The water vapor is then transferred to a separate chamber, formed into ice then removed. After all of the water is removed, the flowers are slowly returned to room temperature. This is a very slow process and cannot be rushed. In addition to the actual freeze-drying, there are both pre and post treatment processes that help lock in the color and create a more durable dried botanical. Utilizing the correct freeze-drying procedures, the natural color, form and flexibility of the flower are obtained unlike any other preservation method. The results are amazing!

How are the Flower Petal Jewelry beads and stones made?

Bead Detail

The art of crafting flower petal jewelry was practiced for centuries by nuns in different countries around the world. The flower petal beads were created mostly for rosaries and the laborious process took days. The flowers were cooked to extract the moisture from the petals resulting in a thick paste that was used to make beads. With our modern freeze-dry technology, Timeless Moments/Petal Pearls has revived and improved on this almost lost art.

Steps in crafting Flower Petal beads and stones:

  1. The client’s flowers are freeze-dried.
  2. The petals are removed and pulverized.
  3. We polymerize the petal dust and shape it into "floral jewels."
  4. The beads and stones are glazed multiple times to add a protectant seal.
  5. The floral jewels are assembled with fine materials such as jeweler quality sterling silver or gold.
  6. The final piece(s) are elegantly packaged and ready to be shipped.
How long does the entire process take?

Flower Petal Jewelry items take 12-16 weeks to be completed, boxed and ready to ship. Occasionally, we are able to get an order completed sooner. If the order is for a special occasion (anniversary, birthday, holiday or other special occasion), please let us know. If the required date is less than 12 weeks from the date of order, please contact Petal Pearls in writing to make sure it is even possible to have the product done in time. Rush order charges may apply.