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...transforming flowers from a special event or remembrance into breath-taking, hand-made jewelry.

Petal Pearls Bracelet

Petal Pearls is a company that sells high quality jewelry made from flowers. Product offerings include bracelets, charm bracelet beads, necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, men’s jewelry and rosaries. There are many occasions that flowers play an important role, such as weddings, funerals, anniversaries, holidays and other special events. These flowers can be shipped to Petal Pearls, then preserved and transformed into beautiful Flower Petal Jewelry items. All Flower Petal Jewelry beads and stones are custom made from each client’s flowers. Petal Pearls uses jeweler quality precious metals so that each piece of Flower Petal Jewelry is made to last and can be handed down from generation to generation to serve as a unique reminder of that special person or event.

Petal Pearls is a division of Timeless Moments Professional Flower Preservation. Timeless Moments is a floral preservation company that specializes in expertly preserving flowers and bouquets from weddings, memorials and other special events. The flowers are freeze-dry processed and transformed into one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Professional floral freeze-drying is a combination of science and art. Timeless Moments has many years of experience in fine-tuning the freeze-dry process to ensure each flower achieves optimal results. Meticulous care is taken in crafting each and every floral keepsake, giving clients a unique memento to be treasured for years to come.

FlowersPetal Pearls is located in North Royalton, Ohio (between Cleveland and Akron) and serve clients across the entire United States by utilizing their websites and through one-on-one phone/online consultations.

Petal Pearls was created to market and sell Flower Petal Jewelry made by Timeless Moments under the subsidiary name Petal Pearls. A network of Sales Representatives will handle the function of selling Flower Petal Jewelry and the staff at Petal Pearls will freeze-dry process the flowers, make the Flower Petal Jewelry items and ship the finished product back to either the Sales Representative or directly to the final client. Sales Representatives for Petal Pearls will be responsible for making their own schedules and setting their own hours. Sales Representatives will be paid commission only. It is an excellent opportunity for someone who is looking for work that can be done part-time or as a home-based business.